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Internet Exchange Point

An Internet Exchange Point (IXP), or interchange point, also called NAP (Network Access Point) is a physical infrastructure that allows different Internet Service Providers to exchange Internet traffic between them.

By interconnecting their autonomous systems through generally free peering agreements, this allows ISPs to save part of the bandwidth they buy from their upstream providers, and to gain efficiency and reliability.


A peering is an interconnection between two autonomous systems belonging to distinct Internet Service Providers, which allows providers to exchange traffic between their networks and those of their customers.

In computer networks, peering is the voluntary interconnection between Internet networks that are administratively distinct in order to exchange traffic between the users of both. The ideal definition of peering is characterized as settlement-free, bill-and-keep, sender keeps all, meaning that neither party pays the other for the traffic exchange, but each collects the revenues from its customers for itself.


Electronic mail, in English e-mail (abbreviation of electronic mail), is an Internet service thanks to which each authorized user can send and receive messages using a computer or other electronic device (such as palmtop, smartphone, tablet) connected to the network through your own e-mail account registered with a service provider.

It is one of the best known and most used Internet services together with web browsing and its birth dates back to 1971, when Ray Tomlinson installed on ARPANET a system capable of exchanging messages between the various universities, but who really defined its functioning was Jon Postel .

It represents the digital and electronic counterpart of ordinary and paper mail. Unlike the latter, the delay with which it arrives from the sender to the recipient is normally a few seconds / minutes, although there are exceptions that delay the service up to a few hours. For this reason, in fact, it represented a revolution in the way of sending and receiving mail with the possibility of attaching any type of document and digital images within certain limits of size in bytes.